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Reasons to Buy A Vacation Home in South Florida Now


Reasons to Buy and Top 10 Vacation Home in South Florida Now

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Perhaps you want to live a high-profile “rich and popular lifestyle,” or perhaps you’re ready to start house flipping and want to stake your claim on the most lucrative investment property. Alternatively, maybe you’re looking for a spot to call home after retirement or during your next summer break.

>Miami, >Fort Lauderdale, >Deelrey Beach, >Lighthouse Point, >Orlando are cities that seeing a significant increase in U.S. and international property investment activity, which is understandable.

It’s easy to see how South Florida is not only the place to buy, but also the place to be, given the numerous benefits that come with investing in South Florida real estate.


Breath-taking views:

Florida has long been (and continues to be) regarded as a popular vacation destination and oceanfront paradise, with many of the world’s best beaches. With its untouched shoreline and crystal-clear waters, Bahia Honda State Park, for example, is widely regarded as one of the top ten beaches in the United States.

At the intersection of South Beach and Ocean Drive in Miami, it’s not unusual to see sunbathing models and photo shoots in the middle of the long, powdery strip of sand.

Place is everything when it comes to getting your money’s worth out of an investment property. The value of these residences is expected to rise over time, as the majority of South Florida’s homes, condos, and resort hotels feature stunning oceanfront window views within convenient proximity of iconic boardwalks and pristine beaches.

The economy and population of South Florida are booming, and both can be due to the common belief that nothing beats living within walking distance of the world’s best beaches.


Great Price Options:

Search based on 10 Top Cities rental properties.

  1. Florida Panhandle, Flórida
  2. Siesta Key, Florida
  3. Miami Beach, Florida
  4. Tampa, Florida
  5. Orlando, Florida
  6. Cape Coral, Florida
  7. Jacksonville, Florida
  8. Daitona Beach, Florida
  9. Cocoa Beach, Florida
  10. Marco Island, Florida

In comparison to other iconic vacation destinations such as Las Vegas and Phoenix, South Florida is seeing an increase in second-home investors, according to a recent New York Times report. What is the reason for this?

Since international investors’ interest is rising, the market is booming. In comparison to other U.S. destinations, foreign investors see greater promise in Miami’s stable market, where homes are appreciating in value.

After the real estate bubble burst, the median price of a home in Miami fell by 32% from 2006, while the median price of a home in West Palm Beach fell by a staggering 38%. So, for a larger pool of people looking for a second home, all of the great little perks that Miami and its surrounding cities have to offer—great shopping and dining opportunities, lush scenery, and luxury entertainment—can become an everyday reality.

There are affordable choices for anyone on the market, with thousands of homes available at incredibly low interest rates and reasonable prices.


Opportunities for Pre-Construction:

Preconstruction projects offer yet another incentive to invest in South Florida real estate, thanks to their unbeatable costs. Saving money on a sound investment is one thing, but imagine taking your savings a step further by getting a return.

Buying conventional investment property has its own set of advantages, but preconstruction has its own set of advantages. Lock in a retirement home at today’s rates, or make an immediate profit by flipping an appreciating unit once you have it.


Tax Benefits:

If you buy a home in South Florida, you’ll be eligible for tax breaks on your property taxes and mortgage interest payments. Depending on the frequency of personal and rental use, further tax breaks may be available.

All rental revenue is tax-free if you rent out your property for less than 15 days a year at fair market value. With this alternative, you won’t have to report any of your rental income to the IRS, and you’ll still be able to deduct property taxes and mortgage interest payments.

Do you want to stay in your rental home for less than 14 days a year? If this is the case, it is considered a rental property, and all profits must be registered. The opportunity to record rental expenditures such as utilities, maintenance, depreciating value, and property management fees comes with this option.

If you and your family use the property for personal purposes for more than 10% of the year, it will be considered a home, and rental income will be required to be registered. Similar to owning a rental house, owning a home allows you to subtract a variety of rental costs up to your gross annual rental income.



How do we discuss South Florida without devoting a section of the article to its beaches? The entire coast of Florida is lined with iconic white sand beaches, but none are more beautiful than those in the south.

If you’ve ever seen a photograph of white sand on a beach in the United States, it was most likely shot in South Florida.


Ready to buy a vacation home in South Florida now?

As a licensed real estate broker with extensive knowledge of the region, Martius Cardoso brings his wealth of experience and information about buying and selling real estate to this role. Since things aren’t the same everywhere, you’ll need someone you can rely on for the most up-to-date details.

Every day, Cardoso Realty properties are shown on 725+ websites, reaching a total of 16 million buyers, with a global network of 100,000 sales associates in 3,100 offices spanning across 50 countries, some of whom may already be assisting your buyer or seller.

When it’s time to move, you’ll need someone to market your house, present it to potential buyers, negotiate the purchase deal, arrange financing, supervise inspections, manage all the paperwork, and oversee the closing.

From researching homes for sale, to coordinating property tour, putting in the offer, assisting with the home inspection and negotiation of repairs, conducting final walk-through, staging the house, putting the house on the market, scheduling of showings and open houses, marketing the property, negotiating offers, making repairs, verifying appraisals and so much more, Cardoso Realty leads the pack and offers great jaw-dropping deals.

Get in touch in Cardoso Realty:

Address: 2151 NE 155 Street North Miami Beach, FL 33162

Phone: (954) 670-7884




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